Beaphar Rock Sulphur 100g


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Beaphar Rock Sulphur 100g

Easy-to-use, traditional, homeopathic remedy containing sulphur. Helps reduce skin irritation; dry, flaky, smelly or greasy skin; and itchy pads and toes during hot weather. A seasonal addition to your dog’s drinking water.

Beaphar Rock Sulphur is a traditional, homeopathic remedy used by generations of owners, for dogs suffering from skin irritation, dry, flaky, smelly or greasy skin, and itchy pads and toes during hot weather. Contains sulphur, which is known in human healthcare for relieving skin irritation, dry and flaky skin, and its anti-fungal and antiseptic effects.

Beaphar Rock Sulphur is easy-to-use and is often used as a seasonal addition to dogs’ drinking water, helping to keep them comfortable during the summer months.

Suitable for all breeds of dog.

How to use:


1. Break the rock sulphur into walnut sized pieces.
2. Place 1 piece in your dog’s water bowl.
3. Replace with a fresh piece every three or four days.

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