Leddy 60 Tropical Aquarium 60cm – 54LT – Black


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The set includes an aquarium tank with a rectangular front wall; a state-of the- art lid made of plastic by injection moulding; the advanced LEDDY TUBE lighting module built into the lid; a maintenance-free automatic heater, and a powerful internal filter. Of particular note is the lid with its patented SMART OPEN opening system, which eliminates the need for hinges and supports and facilitates all kinds of maintenance works carried out inside the tank. The lid is equipped with an exceptionally wide flap for unobstructed fish feeding. The inbuilt LEDDY TUBE SUNNY lighting module emits a strong light whose spectrum is similar to sunlight, so it faithfully renders the natural colours of plants and fish. The operating life of the light module is about 50 thousand hours, which means that it would need replacement once every 8-10 years.
Includes: 8W LED, ASAP 300 Filter, 50W Heater
Size: 60x30x00cm

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