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Product Information
Tiny Friends Farm bedding for small pets is a new eco-friendly and sustainable bedding for small pets. It is soft on small pets’ paws and is kind to our planet too. It is ethically sourced and manufactured in Great Britain.

Tiny Friends Farm eco-bedding is sustainable from start to finish. The material we use is surplus paper that would otherwise have gone into landfill. It is virtually dust free, highly absorbent and soft on tiny friends’ paws. We collect the surplus paper and take it to the farm, which is supplied with energy by wind turbines. Eco-friendly biomass boilers provide energy to help thoroughly dry the paper to make it fluffy, highly absorbent and soft. After use, the product is fully compostable and the packaging is recyclable.

Top reasons your Tiny Friends will love our eco-friendly bedding:

Controls odours
Virtually dust free
Highly absorbent
Long lasting
Soft on paws
Environmentally friendly
Sustainable from start to finish
Ethically sourced and manufactured in Great Britain
Double-compressed for eco-friendly transportation
Fully compostable

Tiny Friends Farm eco-bedding is suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice and ferrets.

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